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About LAdige

LAdige, founded in 2023 by poet/journalist David Garyan, was conceived primarily as a way to improve the platform on which the California Poets project was being published. Conceived in the summer of 2020, this endeavor started out with just twelve contributors and has grown to over one hundred—with interviews to boot. The feature currently runs by invitation only. The name LAdige is an homage to the founder’s Los Angeles roots and the so-called river, flowing through Trento, where its editor currently lives. L’Adige (with the apostrophe between the “L” and “A”) simply means “the Adige” in Italian. While California Poets will take precedence for now, there are plans to establish a poetry magazine with the same name. We envision it being published on an irregular basis, by invitation, and with a corresponding interview from every contributor. Countless journals out there are proud to publish on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so-on-basis, accepting a stream of submission they probably never even read. Yet, a river—though it flows in one direction—never flows consistently. It erodes its banks, it floods, it recedes, it rushes. L’Adige seeks to publish this way. Irregularly, naturally, and by going to the source—by seeking out the work it wants rather than waiting for it at some “fixed” point. See you there soon.


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