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Beatriz Hausner, Former President of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada

Clifford Ando, Department Chair of Classics at the University of Chicago

Elena Poniatowska, Miguel de Cervantes Prize winner

Fiona Sampson, Poet

Guy Borlée, Coordinator of Bologna’s Film Festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato

Jean Findlay, Head of Publishing at Scotland Street Press

Mark Godsey, Co-Founder of the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP)

Mathew Zein, Founder, Editor in Chief of Life in Armenia For Digital Nomad Families

Nestor Fantini, Human Rights Activist

Oliver Harris, President of EBSN, Professor of American Literature, Keele University

Perla Kantarjian, Poet, Editor, Journalist

Robert Pinsky, Former US Poet Laureate

Sari Nusseibeh, Philosopher, Former President of Al-Quds University 

Shahé Mankerian, Author, Principal

Susan Stewart, Professor of Humanities at Princeton University

The Never-Ending Original: An Interview with Suzanne Jill Levine

The Life and Work of Ruth Langdon Inglis with Neil Langdon Inglis

The Life and Work of Brian Inglis with Neil Langdon Inglis


A Guide to Ravenna

Armenia and Israel: Politically Divorced, Culturally United

Cancel Culture Salad: Women, The Confederacy, Tupac Shakur, Barack Obama, and Robert E. Lee

Communist Ravenna

Coronavirus: The Governmentalization and Medicalization of Safety
Democratic Skullfuckery: Neil Young, Joe Rogan, and Art Spiegelman

Freedom for Patrick Zaki

Looking in From the Outside: The Arab-Israeli Conflict


Ravenna Ravings

Reaching for the Sky or Realizing Your Depths: Baldassare Forestiere and Simon Rodia

Reflections on the Italian Education System: An American Perspective

Seeing the Netherlands

Social Media Gestapo and NKVD: Djokovic and Meat Loaf

Something More than Civil Discontent

The Armenian Diaspora in South America

The Case of Patrick Zaki and Giulio Regeni

The Rohingyas and Their Plight of Denial: An Armenian Glance

The Weakness of Strength

The Curious Case of Democracy in Ethiopia and Armenia

Trial by Twitter

Why Armenia Can’t Survive Without Artsakh

Witches Brew: Machiavelli, Tarkovsky, Cefalù, Aleister Crowley, and Aci Trezza

Witches Brew: Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, and Bonus Footage
Yesterday Karabakh, Today Artsakh, part I
Yesterday Karabakh, Today Artsakh, part II



Ant by C.K. Scott Moncrieff

C.K. Scott Moncrieff: A Man Out of Italian Time
Empire de la Mort by Robert Nazarene

The Queen’s Lender by Jean Findlay

Whistling to Trick the Wind by Bart Edelman

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