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K. Silem Mohammad: California Poets Part 4, Four Poems

K. Silem Mohammad

December 29th, 2021

California Poets: Part IV

K. Silem Mohammad

Four Poems

Degenerator the mathematician is here from America to study pre-linguistic lasso vowels he starts droning on in the Cantos about new techniques to help landowners here on the fringes everything appears to have been reduced to primordial auburn and outdated Czech dollhouses full of frozen bread dough on the internet many people did their research and used all their intelligence on a plastic bag lazy boys who lounge around all the time and study the geometry of hands no one is sleeping in this world of all-male Napa office buildings with anonymous research wineries Simon Cowell continues to criticize bebop Intel lights up the sky for their generous support I sincerely thank the futuristic robots using terrifying technopowers to subdue and claim our planet I’ve been looking into buying a drone for a project I have or I would drift away to California on a patch of featureless shadows

Roanoke thank you for having me I’m on bedrock it’s getting harder and harder to be lifted even though it was upside down when it happened to me my friends and I were messing around on the moon without my body in a crater for no reason I think for the first time in space history I have a lot that when I put it in it will not negate being in this alert state the only way to fix it is to load up the save red blocks off the ocean within the permanent shadows whether even in spots of light the Statue of Liberty blows up to clear a path for ghosts in the soil patch in the grove outside of South Knot City wherever I go among the scenarios a loss of signal once my commander didn’t remember anything so he closed his eyes and thought of power and then he remembered something the earth appears in front of you a silver statue I only see the top part of a man or cannot see him at all

Satanic Tribes do illiterate people get what is justice? there’s no real market for tricking people into thinking they are in the real world because it is filmed in the 1950s anymore how local real estate client retention walks off what LA said is interesting to new wave music to distinguish tree punks from lake punks in his cult this puzzle is so true lately wistful ballad for daily use I want to magically disappear obeying diviner nature nature will in turn obey us witches aren’t capable for years now but then I was like what is the right kind of magic? I didn’t know but I had to find out

Caligula today I will analyze an article on how to prevent others from turning on I tried to find a casebook example but I couldn’t find the game instead I’m into this beautiful guitar sometimes dancing doesn’t last after dancing begins so if ever you forget how to defeat syrup in a warm condition you’re in their pockets as I’ve said this isn’t a new problem but it did me no favors one thing parents cannot afford is native support for dynamic gender attack helicopter syntax templating somehow I became president of our ministerial alliance did you have any apprehensions yeah man, I did I prefer indoor activities alone time in the building wandering the countryside pretending to be statesmen supported by an ocean everyone must suffer nothing’s more important than our volcano what have we done to bread when the bombs were down I would say this is a good age to basically smash away

Author Bio:

K. Silem Mohammad was born, raised, and indoctrinated in California, and now teaches at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. He is the author of several books of poetry, including Deer Head Nation, Breathalyzer, and The Front. His work has appeared in Poetry, The Nation, and The Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry.


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